Learn & Evolve LLC. by Professor Arezou Harraf


Learn & Evolve LLC is a leading institution in the field of student guidance and mentorship. We are US-based, with an office in Kuwait that serves the GCC region and beyond.

At Learn & Evolve, our goal is simple: to help students reach their full potential. Whether you want to get accepted at university abroad, or be well prepared for university and the workplace, we possess the right tools to help you reach your goals. Our services are carefully developed to cater to your student needs and our mentors are fully equipped to guide you. We work hard on making your experience worthwhile, providing you with knowledge and skills that will prove useful in the long run.

We currently offer two main services: university advisory and mentorship programs. Here’s what you stand to benefit from each:

With the Learn & Evolve Student University Advisory Program, you will:

  • Grow confident in your test-taking and essay-writing abilities.
  • Improve your time-management skills and learn how to cope with stress.
  • Gain a competitive edge in your application process to universities, especially in the US.
  • Be prepared for taking the SAT.

With the Student Mentorship Programs, you will:

Option 1: College Prep

  • Successfully transition from high school to college/university.
  • Gain essential planning and organizational skills.
  • Learn how to communicate and manage academic affairs.
  • Make informed and guided decisions about your academic trajectory.

Option 2: Career Guidance

  • Learn about the latest developments in the business world.
  • Optimize your job application materials (resumes, CVs, cover letters…).
  • Successfully identify and apply to open job positions.
  • Choose a career path that aligns with your skills, interests, and values.
  • Learn to make career moves that will help you advance.

Acquire a mindset that is open to learning and self-development.

At Learn & Evolve, LLC we believe in a personalized approach to guidance and mentorship. And while our programs retain certain aspects of group learning, we believe in customizing the overall experience to fit the needs of each student. We utilize the latest technology in our pursuit of unlocking student potential, with the goal of facilitating the mentorship process. The Learn & Evolve, LLC way, inspired by Dr. Arezou Harraf’s journey, combines a wide knowledge of academia, the business world, and human resources (HR). We align ourselves with the latest research and methods that help students get ahead in their studies and careers.

How do we approach our programs? The Student University Advisory is designed to provide support with the admissions process, which includes feedback on essays and personal statements, and optional SAT prep sessions. The Students Mentorship Programs rely on workshops, learning circles, and one-on-one sessions to guide with college and career. Both services move from our beliefs to offer the following:

  • Personalization: The Learn & Evolve way, inspired by Dr. Arezou Harraf’s journey, combines a wide knowledge of academia, the business world and human resources (HR). 
  • Clear Guidance:The Student Mentorship Programs rely on workshops, learning circles and one-on-one sessions to guide with college and career
  • Motivation: We cut through the confusion and lay out in detail the steps that students need to take to reach their goals. This includes a list of what they need to know, like what lessons to attend, when to take practice tests and how to analyze performance
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